I'm Cristiam Mercado, Software developer.

About me...

Hello everyone! I am a systems engineer and software developer located in the city of Bogotá (Colombia), with more than 5 years of experience in the field of design, development and implementation of business software and web applications. I am currently a developer at S4N.

Throughout my professional experience I have always been characterized by being a responsible person and committed to the client, always carrying a clear and concise communication, all this in favor of achieving the different objectives proposed in the development of different projects in those who have had the opportunity to work.

I have acquired programming skills in languages such as PHP, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS and Java SE & EE, which allow me to develop web and native business applications with great discipline and efficiency. I have also worked with MySQL and SQL Server databases, including a bit of programming in PL / SQL and I have studied a bit the handling of non-SQL databases.

In the same way, with the experience in the field I have strengthened my skills in the management of servers in Linux (Ubuntu Server) for the production of web applications and also in the administration of PAAS as Amazon Web Services.

I have also been involved in the field of mobile applications developed with hybrid development frameworks such as Ionic Framework, which is based on programming languages and web scripting such as Javascript 5 and 6 (ECMAScript), as well as the help of HTML5 and AngularJS.


Contact Me

If you want more information about me, what I do or wish to receive advice and/or a quote for a project that you have in mind, or you simply want a copy of my CV with my experience or my studies, you can do it through this form. As soon as I see your message I will get in touch with you.